U-glass construction

Construction of U-shaped FRP structure:

1. Beam installation: setting out and blanking of the beam, and fixing the channel steel on the outside of the reinforced concrete beam according to the suspension line position.

2. Fixation of aluminum profile: fix the aluminum profile on the stressed steel beam.

3. Embedded PVC cushion: cut the finished cushion which plays a stabilizing role into corresponding length and put it into the upper and lower profiles in the frame. Take w260 as an example, the double-layer mounting wings are arranged in pairs at the joint, l = 220mm; the single-layer mounting wing faces outward (inward) l = 240mm;

Installation of U-shaped glass: pre calculate the size of U-shaped glass (key) according to the width of the hole, 4-8mm according to the glue seam, and the size of the end closing glass should be as uniform as possible; there is a separation between the top and the bottom, and it is required to butt joint; insert the U-shaped glass in turn, the depth of U-shaped glass inserting into the upper frame should be ≥ 20mm, the depth of inserting into the lower frame should be ≥ 12mm, the depth of inserting into the left and right frames should be ≥ 20mm, when the U-shaped glass is inserted into the last piece, the width of the hole and If the glass width is inconsistent, cut the glass along the length direction, and install the cut glass according to the installation sequence of the end glass.

(the depth of U-shaped glass inserted into the upper frame shall be ≥ 20mm, and the depth of inserting into the lower frame shall be ≥ 12mm)


A \ sealing between U-shaped glass and frame: the sealing between U-shaped glass and frame shall be carried out with the narrowest sealing thickness ≥ 3mm, and the width of bonding surface between sealing material and frame and bonding surface of glass shall be ≥ 5mm. In order to avoid the loss of sealing materials due to the long-term effect of rainwater, the exposed surface of the seal shall be inclined downward or outward.

B \ sealing of longitudinal joint between U-shaped glass: there is a joint between U-shaped glass strips, which extends longitudinally along the two U-shaped glass strips. During installation, the closest gap between the two glasses is ≥ 4mm, and the elastic sealing material is used for sealing. For the outer joint, the depth of sealant shall be no less than 8mm to ensure full contact between glass surface and sealing material.

The joint between the inside and outside of the double row U-shaped glass wall glass shall be sealed. In order to make U-shaped glass stretch freely along the length of glass in the frame material, a proper gap should be left between the upper frame material and U-shaped glass.