Why U-glass needs professional construction

Joint problem of unprofessional construction team:

1. When the transverse span is 10-50m, the accumulated error results in up and down staggered joints of about 15cm;

2. The glue joint is 5-20mm;

Seriously affect the overall effect, unable to accept;

If the heavy equipment is disassembled, the construction period will be delayed and the loss will be greater.

Maintenance of unprofessional construction team:

1. Low cost without cost replacement; glass cost, transportation cost, labor cost, etc., one-time cost about 15000. It causes pushing, dragging and pulling, and the glass cannot be replaced;

2. Lack of experience in U-glass replacement, more U-glass is damaged during replacement;

Our professional construction:

1. Professional in U-glass construction, rich experience; 7 days to the site to replace U-glass; cost in accordance with the contract;

2. Our comprehensive cost is low and maintenance of a phone is easy to solve.

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