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The function and significance of marketing center of real estate sales department

2019-12-24 11:15

The function and significance of real estate marketing center

___Application of U-glass in Marketing Center

Marketing Center___

It conveys the spirit of their business to the outside world.

It can be recognized from a long distance and is concerned.

It can solve problems for consumers and achieve win-win results.

When we buy this house, we think about my future? I believe that when I see the marketing center, I have the answer.

Real estate marketing center is not only a symbol of corporate image, but also a unique artistic carrier of corporate culture, spirit and image.



(Zhejiang Shaoxing Shengzhou Rongxin marketing center "Crystal Palace" won the real estate design award. China. Excellent award)

No matter in the daytime or after dusk, the marketing center is shining brightly. With the passage of time, more and more customers begin to accept the information it conveys, so it gradually becomes our talk after dinner.

Although they are all marketing centers, designers integrate the use function and economy of the building. Through scientific and reasonable design, they can make the building beautiful in appearance, have a certain degree of appreciation, and contribute to the better use of the building after construction. They are all good works, each with its own merits. They will show you some U-shaped glass marketing centers for reference:

1. Guangzhou times Tianyun Marketing Center

U-shaped glass is the highlight of Tianyun marketing center. The arc glass surface with large surface gives people a continuous optical impression. At night, it is particularly beautiful to cooperate with the light. Under the light, the continuous arc glass wall shape of U-shaped glass * *, beautiful, straight, small, exquisite and resplendent.


 (U-shaped glass arc transition is smooth)

(the upper and lower parts are clearly separated)

 (there is also a certain aesthetic value in transparency and non perspectivity)

 (firm and solid after installation)

 (smart application of LED lights)


2. Jiangsu Nantong Huaqiang Hanhua Yayuan Marketing Center

With the continuous development of China's social economy, it also correspondingly promotes the development of China's construction industry, and people have higher and higher requirements for the design of buildings. Therefore, U-glass people combine their own professional knowledge and design experience to carry out effective innovation on U-glass, so as to meet people's use needs and realize the steady development of the construction industry. Therefore, the U-shaped glass, which is successfully developed and manufactured, is widely used in the marketing center.

 Jiangsu Nantong Huaqiang Hanhua Yayuan marketing center renderings

Factory processing, preparation, packing and delivery to the site

Factory processing, preparation, packing and delivery to the site

U-shaped glass span 7.4M, Xiangjie glass quality excellent, positioning in high-end projects to do high-quality projects. U-shaped glass is not widely used in China. At present, only Xiangjie glass can achieve continuous production throughout the year, and later maintenance is guaranteed. If there is no long glass in the late maintenance of intermittent production, it will become a pain point and lose the trust of customers.


Site installation photo of Jiangsu Nantong Huaqiang hanhuayuan Marketing Center

 Elevation map

Elevation map

 Cross section of glass curtain wall and U-shaped glass

Joint drawing of U-shaped glass wall

3. "Crystal Palace" of Shengzhou Rongxin marketing center, Shaoxing, Zhejiang

Won the 4th "real estate design award. China" - Excellent Award in 2017-2018

The brand symbol and image window of a city are the concentrated embodiment of "shape" and "spirit" of a city. In terms of urban construction, Rongxin always adheres to the strategy of high-end products and respects the texture of urban cultural development. Since the site selection, Rongxin has adhered to the law of Shengzhou's urban development. As an important planning town under the belt and road policy, Shengzhou urgently needs a city card that can match its development.

The "Crystal Palace" created by Rongxin in Shengzhou has become the cover work of the whole city, even Shengzhou.


4. Chongqing Center Marketing Center

Hidden steel structure design, steel structure inside and outside using U-shaped glass double-layer installation, Chongqing four seasons clear, high energy-saving requirements in the design stage, through four U-shaped glass to meet the energy-saving requirements, to achieve the * * integration of people and buildings; U-shaped glass makes people feel no pressure, U-shaped glass gives people a positive energy is the * * interpretation of Chongqing's "heroism".

Project location: the project is located in the central turntable of liangjiaokou, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Elevation map


6.7m vertical section of U-shaped glass

 Vertical section of 6.7m middle reinforcement of U-shaped glass


Vertical section of U-shaped glass

5. Guangdong Zhongshan Wuguishan Marketing Center (Linhai garden, Mingli ocean leading Xiushan)

Project address: Longtang village, Wuguishan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Project category: residential building / commercial and retail building / traffic building

Detail category: Villa / Villa (including single building / double combination and row) / - medium and high rise residence / apartment (8-29 floors) / - Commercial Street / pedestrian street / - parking lot

 Effect picture of Guangdong Zhongshan Wuguishan Marketing Center

 Guangdong Zhongshan Wuguishan marketing center project glass has been processed and ready to be transported to the construction site

Guangdong Zhongshan Wuguishan marketing center project glass has been processed and ready to be transported to the construction site

Elevation map



The U-shaped glass facade needs to be windowed, with the size of 900 * 14000mm, the U-shaped glass under the window is 2.4m, and the U-shaped glass on the window is 4m; the U-shaped glass can not bear the load, so the column 40 square tube is to be installed in the U-shaped glass cavity to support the window frame, and no materials can be seen inside and outside. After repeated deliberation by the designer, the 150x30 steel plate is finally used, according to the cantilever design.

6. Chongqing poly Yuetang Marketing Center

It's hard to forget at a glance! Single installation ultra white glass U-shaped glass span 5.5m, built-in LED lights, painting landscape!


Thank you for your understanding and attention! Have a good time! happy International Workers ' Day!


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