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Do you know the design principle of U-glass?

2019-12-24 11:20

U-shaped glass, also known as channel glass, is a new kind of building profile glass. It has been used for nearly 40 years in foreign countries. Due to the u-shaped cross section, it has higher mechanical strength than ordinary flat glass and has the advantages of ideal light transmission, better sound insulation, heat insulation, can save a lot of metal materials, and simple construction Apply to the construction of the internal and external walls, partitions, roofs and windows, such as the design of u-shaped glass method: 1, u-shaped glass surface there are many ways to deal with, general fine grain texture, transparent, colorful, etc. In addition to the general design of fine grain texture, other types need to be identified. U Glass is non-burning material, we can do a good fire grade, if there are special requirements according to the relevant standards design signs. 3, U-GLASS installation method see assembly method, commonly used is double-row wings placed in pairs at the joint hollow device, or single-row wings inside or outside device. 4. U shaped glass for exterior walls, the length of the installation depends on local wind loads, the height of the glass from the ground, etc.