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How about the fire resistance of ultra white U-glass

2019-12-24 11:21

What is the fire resistance of ultra white U-glass

1. U-shaped glass is light in weight but high in strength. The structure of the new all steel fireproof glass spacer is more scientific and reasonable, and its weight is light. The reasonable height of the steel structure increases the overall strength and anti-aging performance, and its service life is basically the same as that of the building (about 50 years).

2. Good fire resistance. When single or double tempered glass is selected, a fireproof film is added in the center of the glass, which has good fireproof performance. All joints are made of incombustible sealing materials, which can prevent fire, smoke and heat preservation in all directions, and can also achieve the function of sound insulation and heat preservation.

3. Good weather resistance. Monolithic fire-proof glass has better weather resistance than composite fire-proof glass. It can be used for a long time without discoloration, yellowing and blistering. It's beautiful and has good air permeability.

4. Custom colors. The color of steel can be selected according to the needs, and the color of fire-proof glass can also be customized to meet the architectural style.

5. Green environmental protection and energy conservation. The fireproof glass interval of all steels shall meet the construction data requirements specified in GB6566-2001 supervision and management of professional construction quality. In a series of production and processing process, the device is simple and does not produce dust, noise and other pollutants.